We like to ensure that business flows as easily for you as it does for us, and want to ensure that you are aware of our automated procedures we have in place to ensure the most efficient and effective customer service to you.

To ensure we are doing our part for the environment by reducing our paper consumption, we have moved to paperless transactional invoices, statements and credit notes. These are now delivered to your nominated email address that has been listed on your initial account application form. KT no longer posts copies of transactional statements, invoices or credit notes.

Once you have access with your Online ID to place orders over our website, you can also access your account history and have access to downloading any copies of transactional data you require.

If you have any further queries, please contact our team 

Alanco prides itself on same day dispatch and will always strive to get your order out the same day it has been placed. Should you have a back-ordered item, one of our friendly team members will notify you prior to dispatching your order. You may then decide to either have your order sent without the back-ordered items, or hold your order until back-ordered items can be sent with  your order.

ou can contact our team on the following:


P: 07 5540 7877 | F: 07 5540 7977 | E:



P: 08 9358 7000 | F: 08 9358 1006 | E:



P: 07 5540 7877 | F: 07 5540 7977 | E:



P: 07 5540 7877 | F: 07 5540 7977 | E:


For local deliveries will incur a $10.00 delivery fee. All national freight will incur a freight cost of $20.00. These prices exclude GST. Customers preferring to use their own freight carriers will be liable for the freight cost.

Email Account Reminders each Month

At the beginning of each month, we send out courtesy reminders of any overdue accounts to ensure you are aware of your account status and any payments overdue. This is an automated process and assists us in keeping your account tidy. A further email will also be sent towards the end of the month, for those who have outstanding balances.  Timely payments within the terms will avoid the embarrassment of receiving these reminders.

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If for any reason your account is not paid within 30 days (or within the approved terms), we have an automated on-hold process which will prevent any orders you have with us being dispatched until any outstanding payment is cleared with our accounts department, or until proof of payment has been provided by remittance advice.

If you believe that your account is “On Hold” in error, you are encouraged to contact our accounts team directly on 07 5540 7877 or email


Orders can be placed through:

Phone (08) 9358 7000, Fax to (08) 9458 1006 or email

You may also order online through our website as either a guest, or login using your unique customer ID.

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You can Click Here to View our Goods Returns Policy

Credit notes are issued when there is a discrepancy with goods received.

If you receive an order that is incorrect, please follow the below:

Contact either your local Area Sales Representative or our sales team on 08 9358 7000 or email with details of your order and any issues.

Our sales team will decide the most effective course of action to resolve any concerns. If goods are to be returned to our DC, our team will forward you a copy of our Goods Return Authorisation form to be completed and returned to us with the goods. Please note. If this form is not completed, we can not accept the goods into our DC.

Your order and paperwork will be checked with our team and providing all information is correct and approved, your credit will be processed. Please allow 3-5 days for this process.

Receiving Credit Notes by email

On the day that credit notes are processed by our team, they are automatically sent to your nominated email address.

Our team are great at communicating with you in regards to account support!

Receiving Invoices by email

Invoices are sent automatically to your nominated email address when your goods are ready to be dispatched from our DC. To ensure that you are always receiving your invoices, please ensure that we always have the correct email address on record.

Receiving Invoices with goods

As a safe-guard to ensure that you don’t miss out on receiving your invoices, we always ensure to send out a printed copy with your goods. If you have received your order and invoice, and something is incorrect, please contact our sales team on 08 9358 7000 or contact your Area Sales Representative with any queries.

Receiving your End of Month Statements by email

Statements are sent automatically to your nominated email address at the end of each month to provide you with any outstanding balances. To ensure that you are always receiving your statement, please ensure that we always have the correct email address on record.

As you may well be aware, AECAA Pty Ltd continually designs, develops and manufactures products to meet the highest of quality while obtaining the best achievable prices to our customers.

While the Australian dollar rises and drops, this can have a significant impact on the cost of goods as such, and we may be left with no other option than to apply modest price increases on selected lines of product.

All best efforts are made to keep any increase to a minimum.

If any bulk price adjustments need to be passed on, we will always provide a minimum 2 weeks notice and a Price Adjustment Notification by email to your nominated email address. If you have any queries regarding your pricing, please do not hesitate to contact  our friendly sales team on 08 9359 7000 or email You can also contact your Area Sales Representative with any queries.

Back Orders

If for any reason we can not supply, or only partially supply an order that you have placed with us, you will have the option of us partially full-filling and dispatching your order of the goods which are in stock, and receiving the back-ordered goods once stocks arrive in our DC.

You also  have the option of waiting for the order to be fully-fullfilled when stocks arrive and receiving your order at a future date, to save on freight charges.

How will you know if you have a back-order?

You will be contacted by our sales team with any information as to why we can not fullfill your order and be provided with an estimated delivery date on your order.

How long will your back-order take?

Generally, the only reason for a back-order is due to insufficient stock in our warehouse – and more than likely, it is travelling on it’s way to us – to get to you. While we always strive to have all items in stock, unfortunately sometimes there can be delays with shipment. If you have any queries regarding the time it takes to receive a back-order, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 08 9358 7000 or email

Our sales team can provide you an estimated delivery time.